How to Play

Aim of the Gamevistory

While in command of an army of (black) rabbits, controlling their movements, providing their food, and allowing them to procreate (they are rabbits after all), you must wipe out the red rabbits, and so achieve world domination.

Starting the Game

menuClick the New game tab to see the options for starting a new game. The first drop-down will allow you to select your difficulty from a number of options: Tutorial, will guide you through the basics of the game and is intended for those who have lost their instructions. Other options allow you to choose different levels of enemy power from soppy bunnies (Easy) to all out mutant commando rabbits (Very Hard).



In the bottom window there are two master controls: Percentage to Move, and Rabbit Eat Rate. On opening both are set to maximum. Percentage to Move, controls how many rabbits your move at one time. Rabbit Eat Rate controls food consumption, the more they eat, the faster your rabbits will reproduce.


rabbit pic

Left click on your (black) rabbits to pick them up, on doing so, the circles in the centre of your possible destinations will turn blue.

Blue circles

Click on one of these blue circles to deposit your rabbits, if something goes wrong, the rabbits will be returned to where they started from. If there are already some of your rabbits there they will be added to, or if they are in enemy hands, there will be a fight. Some rabbits will get lost on the way during a move, so don’t move around too much. Also try an make sure you leave more than one or two rabbits in a region if you expect them to reproduce. You only get a certain number of moves per turn, use them wisely!


Every territory contains  food that your rabbits will eat every turn and will allow them to survive and reproduce. The darker a Territory is shaded, the more food there is.


Don’t let the food run out as your rabbits will starve! Food regenerates over time, so move most of your rabbits away, or dramatically reduce the eat rate to allow territories to recover once their food gets low.


Clicking the next turn button (which is located in the top right of your screen at all times except the tutorial) will allow your enemies to make a move, as well as giving your rabbits some time to reproduce. Watch out though, as they will be eating too, and if their territory runs out of food, they will starve and die off!



To attack, simply move into a territory occupied by the enemy. The game uses the highly advanced algorithm of “whoever has the most wins”. You will lose as many of your own rabbits as you kill of the enemy. When you press next turn, the enemy gets a chance to attack, you can see where was attacked last turn, as a yellow star will appear in the attacked territory.

Hiding Elements

You can hide all controls except the “Next Turn” button. To do so use the “Hide Top” button in the top right to hide the top menu, and the “Hide Bottom” option to hide the bottom controls. Bear in mind that hiding the Top also includes hiding the option to show or hide the bottom! so make sure you hide the bottom first if you wish to hide all the controls.